The Local Public Health Preparedness Planner works on healthcare emergency preparedness plans and preparedness activities for the Marion County Emergency Response Coalition (MCERC) and serves as the MCERC Coordinator.  The Marion County Emergency Response Coalition (MCERC) currently consists of the Marion County Public Health Department, the Marion County Emergency Management Agency, Pella Regional Health Center, Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, and the Knoxville V.A.-C.B.O.C. (Community Based Outreach Clinic).  This coalition is tasked with preparing for healthcare emergencies in Marion County. 

For information on how to develop a Family Emergency Plan, an Emergency Kit, and other useful tips see the following websites:

Personal Preparedness Tips & Information:

1.     Develop a plan-be sure to include meeting locations, a primary and alternate evacuation routes, include important contact numbers as a hard copy, and have an out of town or out of state contact to check in with once you are safe.  Practice your plan with family members. 

2.     Communications-be sure to designate alternate methods to try if the phone lines/towers are overwhelmed; for example (very brief messages) texting, emailing or instant messaging on a smartphone.  Make sure that the methods for example, messenger programs, have already been established (they have added each other as a contact), and that each family member knows how to use the alternate methods. Practice using them routinely ahead of time. 

3.     Make a kit-to last for at least 72 hours and it will need to cover all the basic needs of your family; food, water, flash lights, fresh batteries, weather radio/radio, medicines (recommended for 7 days’ worth-at least on this), personal care, any other special needs items, and don’t forget to include your pets!  Talk to your family about the rules for the kit so that no one is taking from the kit in between and that items get rotated out as needed.

4.     Stay Informed-Figure out what types of disasters are most likely in your area and be knowledgeable on what you can do to prepare for them ahead of time. Then for updates watch the television if possible, tune into a radio, listen to your weather radio for important weather updates, and check your smartphone for reliable sources of information.

5. Important information-keep items such as; birth certificates, insurance policies, proof of address, identification, bank account information, & med lists/allergy info, and other similar items in a waterproof pouch or container that you have readily available to take with you if you need to leave.  You can also scan your important documents and have a copy on a thumb drive to keep readily available in a secure location.


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