The goal for Bio-Emergency Response Planning for Marion County is to assure that we are prepared for any kind of naturally occurring or man-made biological, chemical, or radiological emergency.

Plans are in place and are annually exercised to prevent and respond to biological emergencies.  These plans include plans to operate mass vaccination/distribution clinics in response to large scale communicable disease or biological, chemical, or radiological releases.

The plans assure that public health staff will be able to:

  • Investigate disease outbreaks
  • Direct the community in ways to prevent the spread of disease
  • Continue operation of public health operations in large scale events
  • Effectively communicate with responders and Marion County citizens
  • Work with local responders, City and County Officials, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Ambulance Services, Fire Services, Hospitals, local schools, industry, and volunteer responder organizations

The processes assure that Marion County is prepared to work with and request state and federal assets whenever necessary.

Some of the local plans are highly dependent upon volunteer efforts.  A volunteer database has been established, and individuals who are interested in assisting in a community-wide emergency should register with that database.

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